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Capital IQ: Introduction, Help, Etc.
How to use Capital IQ.


Capital IQ is an information service that is particularly relevant to those who are interested in investment banking, investment management, private equity, and corporate/business development.

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Some of the ways in which you can benefit from Capital IQ include:

Coursework and Analysis Applications

  • Very detailed information on public companies, private companies, private capital firms, executives and directors, industry sectors, and transactions on a global basis.
  • A wide range of timesaving tools for building comps, charts, models, company reports, buyer/investor lists, etc.

Idea Generation

  • Screen across 450,000+ organizations and 2.6 million professionals based on financials as well as 250+ qualitative items such as education (i.e., HBS alumni), job functions, transaction history, corporate actions, etc.
  • "Six Degrees of Separation" - Find common bonds and generate potential "warm" call leads by mapping a person's web of professional relationships.

Interview Preparation

  • Quickly gain a holistic understanding of any company or firm including competitive landscape, transaction history, third-party affiliations, key people and their backgrounds, etc.
  • Identify and understand the nature of company-to-company, person-to-person relationship connections based on events, transactions, and affiliations.

Capital IQ Search Examples

Screen for private equity or venture capital firms investing in a particular industry, stage of investment, and/or geography

Find HBS alumni who work in a given industry or job function