Answered By: Poping Lin
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Target List: screen for companies by industry, location, and size
How do I create a list of companies by industry, location, and/or size?


Capital IQ

Strengths:  Includes PE and VC investments, funded firms, and deal data. Granular data screening options.  Can add alumni affiliation as search criteria.  

Create a list:

  1. Click Screening > Companies.
  2. Search criteria appear below.  Common screening criteria are in the Company Details section.
  3. Click "View Results" which can be exported to Excel. 

Screening Tip: If companies you are expecting to see aren't included in the results, click "Where's My Company?" to see which criteria don't match. 

Thomson ONE

Strengths: Good option for portfolio company lists -- in particular, granular data screening options for stages of investment.  Also includes company SEC filings, company and industry analyst reports, private equity and deal information.

  1. Click on the menu for Screening & Analysis.
  2. Expand section for Private Equity then click on Companies & Investors.
  3. Select your industry using the Portfolio Company Detail menu.
  4. Add other criteria as desired.  Make sure to expand sections to view all options.
  5. Click on Generate Results to run the search.

Additional Databases:


Strengths/Unique Features


A comprehensive platform used to analyze financial data from global equity and fixed income markets, and public and private companies.  It is web based.


Global company database produced by Bureau van Dijk that is unique in its breadth of geographies and extent of companies covered as well as the availability of private company financial information.