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International Job Search Resources

Creating a target list of multinational company locations.


Creating a target list of companies headquartered in one country with operations in another country. 

Capital IQ

Example: Companies headquartered in China but operating locations in the United States

Start at the top menu. Select Screening > Companies

Filter using the following options:

  • Company details: Geographic Location > China (check box for "Search by Headquarters only"). Add criteria. 
  • Company details: Company Status > Operating. Add criteria.
  • Company details: Geographic Location > United States (un-check box for "Search by Headquarters only"). Add criteria.

This will give you a list of China based companies with operating locations in the United States. Continue to filter the list by adding Industry Classifications (under Company Details), or screening for HBS alumni (under Education: Colleges/Universities). Additional details about Capital IQ screening


If you are searching for private equity or venture capital investors, Preqin also offers a simple way to search by secondary locations:

Starting at the top menu bar:

  • Search for > Fund Managers > Advanced Search
  • More Filters
  • Location: check box for "Include Secondary Office Locations".
  • Choose your preferred geography and other filters as needed. 

Exported results will include all fund managers with a secondary office location in the geography you selected. You can then filter primary location to look for companies headquartered elsewhere. For example, if you include secondary office locations in China, the list will also include companies headquartered elsewhere. 

Additional Resources: 

Company & International Research Guidea good starting point for country research. 

CPD International Research Tools: Career & Professional Development at HBS has additional resources for international job search.