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  • Context Sensitive Help
    • In Bloomberg hit HELP key when viewing any screen to get additional information if available.
  • Search for Help
    • In Bloomberg type a keyword then hit HELP key. Select from menu of options related to that keyword.
    • Browse or search Ask Us! (Bloomberg content or Bloomberg help).
  • Bloomberg Documentation (Type shortcut in Bloomberg then hit GO)
    • DOCS to search for documentation.
    • BESS for information on Bloomberg Certification, a self-paced training program.
  • eMail
    • In Bloomberg hit the HELP key twice to access an inquiry form.  You should receive a custom answer within 24 hours
  • Attend Bloomberg Events and Seminars
    1. Type BU then hit GO.
    2. Select region then city of interest to see list of events.
    3. Follow the instructions to sign up yourself or sign up someone else.

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