Answered By: Mallory Stark
Last Updated: Jan 15, 2020     Views: 2454

How do I find data on futures, options, and commodities?



  • In Bloomberg hit the yellow CMDTY button (F9).
  • For FactSet go to FactSet Insert menu > Quotes/Prices> Futures.
  • Global Financial Data features commodity prices back to the 1500s. Login anonymously and click on the GFDatabase. Use the Series drop-down to find Commodity Indices or Commodity Prices.
  • UNCTDAD Commodity Price Statistics has annual and monthly data back to 1960 for agricultural and mineral commodities.
  • The World Bank Prospects Commodity Markets publishes commodity prices and quarterly forecasts.
  • OptionMetrics in WRDS has historical prices of options going back 13 years.
  • CRB Commodity Yearbook
    Available in print: Ref. HF1040 .C7 in the Stamps Reading Room
    Features historical commodity prices and a brief analysis of various commodities.


Metals and Minerals: