Answered By: Kathryn FitzGerald
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SDC: M&A Database search
How do I search the M&A database in SDC Platinum?


You can find M&A information in SDC; please see the example below for step-by-step instructions.


Search for a list of "pure" U.S. M&A transactions from 1999 that took place in the following sectors: Telecom, Radio and Television Broadcasting, Hotels and Casinos, Motion Picture Production and Distribution, Cellular Communications, and Internet Services.

Set up your search strategy:

  • Open up SDC and log in
  • Click Mergers and Acquisitions tab
  • Select U.S. Targets and click on OK
  • Type in date range 1/1/1999 to 12/31/1999.
  • Under Company tab in the Request - Search Items window, double click Target or Acquirer Industry Sector. A window pops up where you check off your selections.
  • Within the ALL SERVICES folder, check off the following industries: Telecommunications, Radio and Television Broadcasting, Hotels and Casinos, and Motion Picture Production and Distribution; then click OK.
  • Under the Company tab, double click Target or Acquirer High-Tech Industry.
  • On the next screen click Cellular Communications and Internet Services & Software so that red check marks appear next to each, then click OK.
  • Under the Deal tab, double click Deal Type.
  • Select the first two options at the top of the new window and click OK to locate only "pure" M&A transactions.

After setting up all the steps to your search strategy, then:

  • With the line from Request 1 highlighted, click the Use icon. Use Request 1 will appear on line 5 of the search statement.
  • Click the Up icon along the top bar to move "Use Request 1" from line 5 to line 3.
  • Click the Utilities pull-down menu and choose Logical Set Operations.
  • Logical Set operations allow you to link several requests together with Boolean logic. In this case Request 2 OR Request 4.
  • Drag request lines into the box then click OK.
  • Click the Up icon along the top bar to move "Logical Set Operations: 2 UNION 4" from line 6 to line 5.
  • Click EXECUTE to run your search.

Your executed search will look like the screen below.

SDC Search Results


To report on results, see Reporting on Search Results in SDC.