Answered By: Cynthia Churchwell
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SDC: M&A Database
What information on mergers and acquisitions can I find in SDC Platinum?


You can find M&A information in the Worldwide Mergers, Acquisitions, and Alliances Databases in SDC.

Breakdown of data included:


  • Date Range: 1979 to present domestically; 1985 to present internationally
  • Geography: Worldwide
  • Updates: Daily
  • Sources: Over 200 English and foreign language news sources, SEC filings and their international counterparts, trade publications, wires, and proprietary surveys of investment banks, law firms, and other advisors.
  • Transactions: 116,100+ domestic, 147,000+ international
  • Inclusion Criteria: All corporate transactions involving at least five percent of the ownership of a company where the transaction was valued at $1 million or more (after 1992, deals of any value are covered) or where the value of the transaction was undisclosed. Public and private transactions are covered.
  • Transactions include: Mergers and acquisitions, stake purchases, stock swaps, REIT acquisitions, asset sales and divestitures, rumored and seeking buyer transactions, leveraged buyouts (LBOs), tender offers, privatizations, spinoffs and splitoffs, and bankruptcy liquidations.
  • Over 1,400 data elements including the following: Target and acquirer profiles (industry, location, parent company information), deal terms (lock-ups, termination fees, acquisition techniques, percent acquired, consideration offered), financial and legal advisor assignments and fees, deal value and stock premiums, synopsis and event history, deal status, financial information on target and acquirer, investor group information, purchase and pooling accounting, and attitude of the seller board to bid.

Sample Applications: 
What is the value of options and convertibles in a given transaction? How are comparable deals in the Biotech industry valued? How does this year's merger volume in the European Community compare to that of the previous year? Which industries and regions offer the best prospects for new business? Which recent stock swap mergers had a collar on their exchange ratio? As a financial or legal advisor, how do your fees and activity levels compare to those of your competitors? Which players have been active buyers in your industry?


  • Date Range: 1988 to present
  • Geography: Worldwide
  • Updates: Daily
  • Sources: SEC filings and their international counterparts, trade publications, wires, and news sources.
  • Transactions: 53,000+
  • Inclusion Criteria: Agreements where two or more entities have combined resources to form a new, mutually advantageous business arrangement to achieve predetermined objectives
  • Alliances include: joint ventures, strategic alliances, research and development agreements, sales and marketing agreements, manufacturing agreements, supply agreements, and licensing and distribution pacts.
  • Over 200 data elements including the following: participant profile, joint venture name, terms and conditions, current status, capitalization where disclosed, purpose of venture, deal synopsis, and description of business and products.

Sample Applications
What alliances have your competitors formed in Eastern Europe? Which technologies are receiving the greatest attention from U.S. communications companies? How were similar joint ventures in your industry sector capitalized?