Answered By: Meghan Dolan
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Retail industry
Where can I find information on the retail industry?



 Company   Research 

 Capital IQ - Public & private company data & financials. Note: Individual account required.     

 Thomson ONE - Public company data & financials; analyst reports. See our search strategy for   finding analyst   reports. 

 Industry   Reports

 eMarketer - Tech-focused market data, statistics and analysis. See the Retail & E-Commerce   collection.

 Mintel - Consumer market studies; strong focus on Europe and the United States. 

 Passport - Consumer market studies for regions and countries across the globe.

 S&P NetAdvantage - Industry overviews on Multiline Retail; Specialty Retail; Textiles, Apparel &   Luxury Goods;   and Food & Staples Retailing.

Statista - Quantitative facts by market sector, encompassing entertainment, food/drink. finance, manufacturing and retail, to name a few.


 CB Insights & Industry Analytics - Private company database that tracks global venture capital,   angel   investment, private equity, M&A, and IPO activity; reports and analysis on a range of   sectors including   retail. Note: Individual account required. 

 Thomson ONE- PE data includes investments, portfolio company and firm profiles, exits and   fundraising   information.

 Preqin- Information on PE & VC companies, funds and deals.


 Capital IQ - Tracking a specific company? Set up a CapIQ alert for key developments or news   on the firm.

 Retail Industry Highlights - Subscribe to a bi-weekly retail-focused newsletter published by Baker librarians. 

 RetailDIVE - Latest news & trends in retail. 

 Additional sources that allow you to set up news alerts include The Wall Street Journal and The   Financial   Times.

See additional suggestion in Baker's Retail Industry Research Guide.

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