Answered By: Mallory Stark
Last Updated: Dec 23, 2015     Views: 679

First time investments in private equity and M&A.
How do I find first time investments in private equity?


Use Thomson ONE to identify first time private equity investments:

  1. Click on Screening & Analysis.
  2. Expand Private Equity.
  3. Click on PE Investments and then select Search Investments
  4. In the Select Report Type section, click on the First Time Investment radio button next to Investment Date.
  5. Add any other criteria.
  6. Click on Generate Report in the bottom left corner to run the search.

Use Capital IQ to locate investments through private placements or through M&A:

First Time Investors in Private Placements

  1. Hover over the Screening tab and click on Transactions.
  2. In the fourth column of filters, under the Private Placements section select Valuations
  3. In the window Screening Criteria: Transaction Valuations, set the value to "= 1"
  4. Click add criteria
  5. Add other filters date and those listed under Private Placement Transaction Features.

 First Time Investors in M&A

  1. To limit your search to a particular industry, click on Industry Classifications under Company Details, search for a specific industry or browse and then make this criterion describe the Target/Issuer then click on Add Criteria.
  2. Click on Types under General Transaction Details, select Merger/Acquisition then click on Add Criteria.
  3. Click on Investment Firm Type under Investment/Advisory Firms, select PE/VC then Add Criteria.
  4. Click on Features under M&A Details, select Majority Shareholder Increasing Ownership Stake, Minority Shareholder Increasing Ownership Stake and Equity Reinvestment and check the box that says Exclude results matching the above criteria and then click on Add Criteria.