Answered By: Meghan Dolan
Last Updated: Dec 17, 2015     Views: 3896

Factiva: downloading articles
How do I download more than 100 articles from Factiva at a time?


Factiva has implemented Captcha verification if you wish to download more than 100 articles.  

A Captcha check is used to prevent users from scraping massive amounts of Factiva content via automated scripts with as little impact as possible to researchers that are properly utilizing the platform.

• Users are able to download the first 100 articles without having to validate. 

• After the first 100 headlines, users will be prompted to validate every time that they extract 6 or more articles at a time. 



• Captcha control will only be displayed when the user is trying to download or view articles. The control is not shown if the user selects headline view.

Note: these rules are implemented per query so your queries are not affected by other users using Factiva at the same time.