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Automobile and motor vehicle industry
Where can I find statistics on and analysis of the automobile and related industries?



  • IBISWorld -- Provides automobile industry market reports including US, Australia, UK, China, and Global.
  • BCC Research -- Provides global market studies on topics such as electric vehicle (EV), automotive sensor technologies, etc,
  • Thomson One -- Provides industry and company analyst reports including automotive industry. It is searchable by countries and regions.
  • Standard & Poor's NetAdvantage -- provides United States automobiles industry report.

Printed materials:

  • Ward's Automotive Yearbook Printed Book Icon(Ref. HD9710.U5 W31 in Stamps Reading Room)
    Gives monthly production and sales activity by country and manufacturer. Also includes an annual overview of the industry. Table of contents is available online.
  • Ward's Motor Vehicle Facts and Figures Printed Book Icon(Ref. HD9710.U5 M63a in Stamps Reading Room) 
    Gives North American production, retail sales, exports, and imports as well as material use by type (ex. rubber, steel), manufacturing by state, and demographics of new vehicle owners.

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