Answered By: Meghan Dolan
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Trade publications: industry research
What are the best sources for trade publications?


Trade publications are issued by commercial publishers, as well as by trade and professional organizations. There are thousands of these publications, most dealing with a specific business, industry, or profession. They usually provide news of current developments in the field, reviews of past performance or forecasts for the future, as well as descriptions of key companies and personalities in the industry. They can also provide highly specialized information such as hard-to-find statistics or information on products and market share.

To identify leading trade publications for a particular industry, try looking in the "Industry References" section of S&P NetAdvantage industry surveys.  They will list out several top trade publications for that industry.

To find out if Baker or another Harvard library subscribes to a particular trade publication, search by title in HOLLIS.

You can also search directly in some of our top article databases: