Answered By: Meghan Dolan
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Producer price index
Where can I find the Producer Price Index for the US and other countries?


For national data go to the U.S. Department of Labor Bureau of Labor Statistics Web site for Producer Price Indexes.

For international data go to any of the following country statistics databases:


Economist Intelligence Unit

  1. Put your mouse over the Data tab at the top of the page
  2. Select Data Tool from the drop-down menu 
  3. In Step 1, choose All CountryData from the drop-down. 
  4. In Step 2, choose the region or country and add.
  5. In Step 3, expand Fiscal and monetary indicators and then expand Inflation and wages
  6. Select Producer Price Index (av).
  7. Select the time period
  8. Select View Data

 Global Financial Data for time series data for individual countries back to the 1800s in some cases.

  1. Log in Anonymously.
  2. Click on the GFDatabase tab above the small search area.
  3. Choose Wholesale Price Indices from the Series Type drop-down in the GFD Filter search box.
  4. Select the country or region.
  5. Select the timeframe.
  6. Click on Search to execute the search.

IMF eLibrary

  1. Sign up for an IMF account to view the data
  2. Enter ppi into the search box
  3. Select a variable from the results list
  4. Select the countries that you wish to track
  5. Click Add to Workbook to view the data