Answered By: Andrea Schulman
Last Updated: Sep 18, 2015     Views: 1602

Subsidiaries in another country
How can I find subsidiaries of companies headquartered in a different country, for example, Chinese subsidiaries of UK based companies?




  • In Corporate Affiliations (Historical Edition)
    1. Mouse over SUBSCRIBER TOOLS in the top right of the screen and select Company Advanced Search.
    2. Select Parent Country in the first criterion box and select United Kingdom from the list.
    3. Select Country in the second criterion box and select China.
  • In Orbis
    1. Select Location and World/ Region/ Country.
    2. Choose your country.
    3. Click on ownership data and select Companies owned by an Ultimate Owner and Characteristics of their Ultimate Owner.
    4. Choose the country or region of the ultimate owner and click on OK.
    5. Click on View list of results
    6. Add columns to view the branch locations or subsidiaries.   At this point you will have to view them all.  You can export to a spreadsheet and do some filtering and sorting.
    7. You can add columns or change the list format.
  • In Capital IQ
    1. Mouse over Screening & Analytics, Screening and click on Companies
    2. Under Company Details click on Geographic Locations
    3. Search for "United Kingdom" and click on selection. Make sure the box for "Headquarters only" is checked.
    4. Click on Add Criteria
    5. Scroll up and click again on Geographic Locations and select "China". Make sure the boxes for "United Kingdom" and "Headquarters only" are NOT checked. Click on Add Criteria.
    6. View results.