Answered By: Mallory Stark
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Bankruptcy asset sales
Where can I find information on bankruptcy asset sales?


Capital IQ:

  1. Select Screening, then Transactions.
  2. In the section, M&A Details, select Features.
  3. Select Bankruptcy Sale, click on > and Add Criteria.
  4. Add additional criteria as desired and View Results.

Thompson ONE

  1. Click on Screening & Analysis.
  2. Expand Deals & League Tables.
  3. Click on M&A, then click on Quick Search.
  4. In the Deal Criteria section click on the magnifying glass icon next to Acquisition Technique.
  5. Search for "bankruptcy acquisition"  and highlight it
  6. Scroll down in deal search box, select Add
  7. Then select ok at bottom of deal search box
  8. Select any additional criteria.
  9. Click on View Results to execute the search.