Answered By: Poping Lin
Last Updated: Dec 22, 2015     Views: 3182

Bloomberg: five useful shortcuts
What are the shortcuts for email image of current screen, display previous functions, add or remove news, print, and display list of tips and shortcuts in Bloomberg?

Description Shortcut
E-mail image of current screen Type GRAB and hit GO. Follow prompts to type in address and e-mail screen image.
Display list of previous 8 functions Type LAST and hit GO. Make selection from list to rerun a function.
Add or remove news at bottom of panel  Type NO and hit GO to toggle scrolling news on and off.
Print Hit PRINT to print displayed screen or X [PRINT] to print multi-screen documents, e.g., 10 [PRINT] prints 10 pages.
Display list of tips and shortcuts  Type EASY and hit GO. Make selection from categories listed.

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