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Bloomberg: keyboard
How does the Bloomberg keyboard work?



  • In Bloomberg type DOCS2017365 and hit GO to locate Bloomberg Cheatsheet for Introduction to the Bloomberg Keyboard.


Commonly Used Keys

CONN/DFLT Red Login / Logout
ESC Red Cancels a command
PEOPLE Yellow People search
GOVT Yellow Government (US Treasury and non-US government agency securities)
CORP Yellow Corporate Debt
MTGE Yellow Mortgages
M-MKT Yellow Money Market (includes Commercial Paper, CDs, Bankers Acceptances, Medium-Term Notes)
MUNI Yellow Municipal Debt
PFD Yellow Preferred Shares
EQUITY Yellow Equity Shares
CMDTY Yellow Commodity Markets
INDEX Yellow Indexes
CRNCY Yellow Currency Markets
GO Green Use like the Enter or Return key on an ordinary computer
MENU Green Usually returns to previous screen
PgUp/PgDn Green Moves up and down through multiple screens of information
PRINT Green Prints displayed screen or X [PRINT] prints multi-screen documents, e.g., 10 [PRINT] prints 10 pages
PANEL Lavender Toggles between up to 4 Bloomberg panels; double click on a panel to resize screen.

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