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Bloomberg: government bonds, bills & notes
How can I get data on government bonds, bills, and notes in Bloomberg?

  1. Hit the GOVT key, type TK, then hit GO to find ticker symbols of securities issued by governments and government agencies from countries around the world.
  2. On the Government Bond Ticker Symbols screen choose a country; e.g., select 14) U.S.A. for US government debt issues.
  3. Select 14) Generic U.S. Bills, Notes, Bonds to find generic bonds. US government bonds in Bloomberg include individual and generic bills and bonds; TIPS; STRIPS; and agency securities.
    • The full ticker of a debt security includes the ticker symbol and a coupon rate and/or a maturity date.
  4. Select a generic bond, e.g., 7) GENERIC 5YR N/B for a five-year benchmark bond. The full ticker of this particular bond will appear at the top of the screen, e.g., T 2 3/8 10/31/14.
  5. On the security's main menu browse categories or type a shortcut and hit GO:
    • DES for description
    • GY for graph of historical yields
    • HP for historical prices
    • YA for yield analysis
  6. If you know a security ticker the full shortcut would be T 2 3/8 10/31/14 [GOVT] YA [GO].


    Use the lavender fractional keys to type fractional denominators. Put a space between the whole and fractional parts; e.g., 3 3/8 is: 3 [Space] 3[1/8] and put a space between the fraction and the date.

 In Bloomberg type the following DOCS numbers and hit GO for Cheatsheets:

DOCS2008993 for Government, Political and Economics

DOCS2009919 for Government/Agency Bonds