Answered By: Cynthia Churchwell
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Bloomberg: comparative returns
How can I get comparative returns in Bloomberg?

  • To compare returns of up to 3 specific securities and indices type COMP and hit GO.
    • In amber fields type in the full tickers (including appropriate yellow key) for specific securities or indices. E.g., for Genzyme type GENZ US [EQUITY].
    • Use amber fields for Range and Period to specify a date range and frequency.


Comparative Returns


  • To compare returns of a security to its benchmark index and industry group (if available) first specify the security's ticker using the appropriate yellow key.
    • E.g., to compare Microsoft Corp with the S&P 500 and S&P 500 Info Tech, type MSFT US [EQUITY] COMP [GO].


  • If you don't know the tickers of the securities you want to compare hit the appropriate yellow key, type TK, and hit GO to look up a ticker.
    • [EQUITY] TK [GO] (e.g., then type microsoft corp for equities)
    • [INDEX] TK [GO]. Type index name and hit GO, then choose the desired index. Or, for major indexes such as the S&P 500, type WEI and hit GO to browse menu of World Equity Indices.