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Stock ownership: who
How do I find who owns a particular stock, currently or historically?

  • For a current list of all holders and historical holdings of the top ten owners back to 1997 use Thomson ONE:

  1. Search for your company in search box in left corner using symbol or name 
  2. Click on Share Ownership (left menu) and click All Shareholders for a complete list of current holders.
  3. For historical holdings of the top holders, click on Ownership Summary and then select investor's name
  4. Click on View Portfolio.
  5. Click the Ownership Criteria tab.
  6. Under Ownership Details click on Period (history) and add the desired quarters.
  7. Click on the Results tab.
  8. Click on the Excel icon to download.

  • For current and historical ownership use Capital IQ:
  1. Enter company name in top search box
  2. Select Public or Private Ownership under Investors from the left navigation bar.
  3. For historical holdings of the top holders, select View All by Top Holders
  4. Select History tab on the top of screen
  5. To save, select Excel from the left corner  

For historical ownership use Thomson Reuters in WRDS

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