Answered By: Mallory Stark
Last Updated: Jul 30, 2015     Views: 567

Angel investors
How do I find angel investors that might be interested in my startup?


Search for angel investors using:

  • Preqin
    1. Click on Private Equity.
    2. Click on Venture Deals Analyst and then on Fund Manager Advanced Search.
    3. Select Angel in the Deal Stage section.
  • Thomson One Banker
    1. Select Screening & Analysis tab at the top of screen.
    2. Select Private Equity and then Companies and Investors
    3. Select Firm radio button in Search Entity Type
    4. Scroll down to Investment Firm Details and click on Open Advanced Options.
    5. Next to Firm Type click on the magnifying glass icon and then select Angel Group and Individuals.  Click Add to move these items to the search box then click on OK.  You can also query by industry, geographic locations and transaction date.
  • CB Insights
    1. Mouse over search tab at the top of screen and select Investor Search
    2. Click arrow in search box called Has office in location/geography and select Investor Type.
    3. In middle search select Includes and then mouse over third search box to open Investor Type categories arrow and select Angel Investor (Group) and/or Angel Investor (Individual)
    4. Click green arrow in the right corner of the screen
    5. Then click plus next to  Add Condition to add more filters