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Global Climate Change

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General (all aspects related to climate change) ABI/ProQuest Literature research can provide a good sense of what has been done in a topical area including both practically and theoretically. These three databases are useful for that purpose. They covers various topics in areas of business and climage change.
  Wiley Online Library
Climate Accounting  Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) Corporate environmental data provided to CDP by companies responding publicly to an information request sent by CDP on behalf of its signatory investors. Datasets include Climate Change Data, Supply Chain Data, Water Data, Forests Data, and CDP Scores Data. Data, documentation and reports are in Dataverse and are for Harvard Univ.
  Greenhouse Gas Emission: GHG Emissions Accounting 101 Measuring and reporting GHG emissions such as carbon dioxide and methane are key first steps to reducing  emissions. This training consists five modules including scope 1-3. It will help to get started.
  Greenhouse Gas Protocol The website provides standards, guidance, tools and training for business and government to measure and manage climate-warming emissions. 
  Greenhouse Gas Reporting Program (GHGRP) The website provides information on EPA's GHG reported data starting with RY 2010 to the present.  The site also provides information on regulatory requirements, applicability, how to register a facility and report data, and how to access the GHG data.
Data: Green Bond / Carbon Offsets / Net Zero Bloomberg A database provides green bonds market data and news. It is accessible inside Baker Library. Individual account sign up is required.
  LSEG Workspace This database provides analyst reports and data. Use the CARRES screen to access analysis on emission trading in a global perspective. This includes reports and comments on the Paris Agreement / COP26 / international climate negotiations, on climate offset trading, and on international aviation emissions covered under CORSIA. You can also use GRNBNDG to locate data on green bonds.
  Sustainable Bonds Database Open database for sustainable bounds including green bonds. Please read the description of the database on the linked webpage before using the database
  The Global Carbon Project The Global Carbon Project (GCP) integrates knowledge of greenhouse gases for human activities and the Earth system. Our projects include global budgets for three dominant greenhouse gases — carbon dioxide, methane, and nitrous oxide — and complementary efforts in urban, regional, cumulative, and negative emissions.
  The MSCI Net-Zero Tracker A quarterly downloadable gauge of progress by the world’s public companies toward curbing climate risk.
Industrial mitigation and Adaptation Congressional Research Services This website provides search engine to locate CRS reports on various topics related to climate change, such as agriculture and forestry offsets in carbon market
  LSEG Workspace This database provides analyist reports and data on companies and industries.
  EMIS This database provides articles and global reports on climate change related topics including companies' mitigation and adaptation strategies, practices from emerging markets.
  Use also databases listed in the General section of this page