Answered By: Leslie Burmeister
Last Updated: Sep 09, 2020     Views: 3844

Set up your Premium Statista account for HBS alumni


As an HBS alumni, you may register for a Premium Statista account,which includes access and download capabilities to over 1 million market and consumer data sets (usually $49/month). Please note: While all statistics are included in Premium Statista accounts, reports and dossiers are not included.

To register:

1. Go to

2. Note: even though you are clicking under Basic, you will be registering for a premium-level account.

4. Fill out your registration info using your HBS email address.  You must use this email to get access to the premium level data.  If you do not know what your HBS email address is contact HBS Alumni Records at 617.384.5977.

5. Click Create Account.

Please note that alumni are limited to 75 downloads per year using the premium account.

Alumni interested in subscribing to the Corporate level Statista account are eligible for a discount: 1-seat annual account ($3,500); Contact for information on multi-user purchases.

Note: Current HBS students have access to our academic subscription to Statista.