Answered By: Mallory Stark
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You can find company and industry information using Hoover's

Click the down arrow next to "All Categories" in the search box on the home page to find information on companies, people and industries.

Company Information

  • Select Companies from All Categories menu on the search box located at the top of the home page. Suggested companies are displayed as you type.  
  • Once you identify company, click search icon.
  • News: From company profile page, click News & Social under Company Index.
  • Financials: From company profile page, mouse over Financials and select the type of financial statement you need.
  • Stock Quote: From company profile page, click Stock Quote & Chart under Company Index.


  • Select People from All Categories menu on the search box at the top of home page.
  • Type in the person’s name and click the search icon.

Industry Information

  • Select Industries from All Categories menu on the search box at the top of home page. Click Browse Hoover's Industries below the search box to see a list of industries, or search by keyword using the search box.

Create Custom Lists

Use the Build a List function (on the right of the Search Box) to generate custom lists. Note: Downloading results is not possible.

Criteria include:

  • Company Location
  • Company Information: location type (e.g. headquarters), ownership type, diversity status, exchange.
  • Industry: SIC or  NAICS code.
  • Company Size: Sales, sales growth, market cap, employees.
  • Financial Information: Net income, fiscal year end, auditors, assets.
  • IPO Data: IPO date, underwriters, amount.
  • People: Job function, salary, bonus, total pay, age.
  • Keywords