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  • Bloomberg give current ratings by Standard & Poor's, Moody's and Fitch.
      1. Hit the yellow GOVT key, type TK, then hit GO.
      2. Select desired country from the menu, then hit GO.
      3. Select desired security from the list.
      4. Type CRPR, then hit GO.
      5. The ensuing display shows current ratings (historical ratings may be available).
  • Standard & Poor's Ratings Direct gives ratings and analysis.
      1. Type in issuer name in keyword/identifier search and click on Issuer.
      2. Scroll down or use the Table of Contents menu (on the sidebar) to get to ratings history. Click on a research report for background on the Standard & Poor's rating.
  • Moody's Default Risk Service is available to HBS faculty, doctoral students, and staff via Baker Research Services.
  • Go to for ratings calculated by The PRS Group. Click on CountryData.  Click on Subscriber Shortcut near the bottom of the page.  In the Variables section for ICRG Risk Ratings select Financial Risk Rating.