Answered By: Linda Rosen
Last Updated: May 21, 2015     Views: 3494

Thomson ONE

  1. Click on Screening & Analysis on the left navigation bar.
  2. Click on Private Equity.
  3. Click on Companies & Investors and at the top of the screen that comes up select an Entity Type: Company, Firm or Fund.
  4. You can screen for investors that operate or have investments by industry, investment round, size of investment, investment type and geography. Click on Open Advanced Options within the search sections for more criteria.
  5. Select remaining relevant options and click on Generate Results.
  6. The list of results appears in the next screen.


  1. Click on Private Equity on the left hand side navigation.
  2. Select Fund Managers.
  3. Select Advanced Search.
  4. You can screen by investment type, geography, firm focus, investment criteria, dry powder, keyword, etc.
  5. Once criteria is selected click on the View Firms button. 
  6. You can then take a look at individual firms or download their profiles into Excel.

    Note: Contact List cannot be downloaded, but the profiles can be.

 Capital IQ

  1. Mouse over Screening, Targeting, and Find Buyers or Investors.
  2. You can screen for investors that operate or have investments by industry, stage (from incubation to mature, including buyouts, re-capitalization, turnaround and PIPES), size of investment, and geography.
  3. Click on Run Search.
  4. You may add display columns and download into Excel.


  1. Click on F in top left hand corner and select Screening/Report Writing -> Idea Screening 2.0.
  2. Under Mergers & Acquisitions select Private Equity.
  3. Create reports using criteria on left hand side. Double-click to add to screening area.
  4. Report can be exported to excel and screening saved.


  1. Once in the database click the Zephyr Advanced Go button to take advantage of all of this resource's search capabilities. 
  2. Click on Deal types & methods of payment and Sub-deal type to see the various types of private equity and buyout deals that can be used for screening.
  3. You can screen for investors that operate or have investments by industry, type of financing, size of investment, and location.
  4. Make all search selections and then click on OK.
  5. To view your results click on the tab that says List of Deals at the top of the screen.

SDC Platinum contains a longer history of investments than other databases.