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Type [ticker], hit EQUITY, and hit GO to browse main menu or type shortcut to go directly to information. E.g., VOD LN [EQUITY] HP [GO] for Vodafone prices.

Frequently used shortcuts:
  • ANR for analyst recommendations.
  • BQ for equity summary and Bloomberg quote providing overview of key price data, fundamentals, and news on selected equity.
  • CACS for corporate action calendar.
  • COMP for comparable returns against 2 other securities or indices.
  • CN for company news.
    • MCN for most read company news.
  • DES for company description.
  • DVD for dividend/split history.
  • EE for earnings estimates.
  • ERN for earnings.
  • FA for financial analysis.
  • HDS for institutional and insider holdings.
  • HG for historical price graph.
  • HP for historial price table.
  • MGMT for management profiles.
  • PGEO for product segmentation.
  • PV for peer valuation.
  • QM for quotes from the foreign exchanges on which an equity trades.
  • RELS for related securities (equity, debt, preferred, money market securities).
  • RV for relative value for customized peer group analysis.
  • SI for short interest (usually monthly)