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  • Bloomberg is best for current prices (Note:There is a 20-minute delay).

    1. Type a company ticker and then hit the EQUITY key; e.g., MSFT US [EQUITY] for Microsoft Corp. stock.
    2. Type HP and then hit GO for historical prices.

  • Thomson ONE  is good for downloading a time series:
    1. In the upper left area for Companies search for the company by name or ticker.
    2. In the area of the screen for Price and Volume: 1 Year click on Advanced Charting.
    3. Specify the desired time period and frequency.
    4. Add any other criteria such as another company or an index.
    5. Click on Go to redraw the chart.  Click on View Data to see the underlying data.
    6. To download the data click on the Excel icon.

  • Capital IQ is also good for downloading a time series:
    1. Mouse over the Screening & Analytics tab, then Charting, and then select Daily Market Charts.
    2. Near the center of the screen click on Advanced Search to add companies by Tickers or, by Company Search, to Add from Lists (from within CIQ), or Add Indices. Then click on Add to Chart.
    3. Click on Chart Options to enter a custom time period and change the frequency. Click on Update Chart.
    4. To download the data click on the Excel icon above the chart.
  • FactSet is another source historical price data:

        1. Type company name in search box.
        2. From the index on the left hand side click on Price and then Price History.
        3. Look for  Date Range and click on the drop down menu or calendar icon. 
        4. To downloard series, click on wrench icon in upper right hand corner.


See also the Market Data section of the Baker Library Research Guide on Financial Markets