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Analyst Reports contain advice on whether to buy or sell the securities of specific companies or industries. They are produced by research analysts employed by firms that may have an interest in selling securities; however, they can provide a useful model to students in understanding how investment professionals analyze an industry and what data points they find of most interest. 

Please note that analyst reports from several highly ranked investment firms are not included in our Thomson ONE access (ex. Goldman Sachs, BOFA Merrill Lynch, Barclays etc.) 

How to locate COMPANY analyst reports:

  1. Use Thomson ONE
  2. Enter the ticker symbol or company name
  3. Click on Research
  4. Adjust the date range for reports

Thomson ONE menu options


How to locate INDUSTRY/GEOGRAPHY analyst reports using keywords:

  1. Use Thomson ONE
  2. Click on Screening & Analysis, then on Research
  3. Enter key terms and/or select Industry, Geography, Contributor (investment bank or publisher), or other criteria
  4. Adjust the date range for reports

  Thomson ONE menu options

Retention of reports: To comply with agreements they have with the banks, databases that aggregate investment reports will sometimes remove older reports, particularly if the author leaves the investment bank they were written for. For this reason, on occasion particularly older reports will suddenly disappear.

Additional investment report sources:

  • First Call Real Time Earnings Estimates: Use for research. On the left menu under Security click Research. Search both Thomson ONE and First Call for the most comprehensive set of reports available to you. According to Thomson Reuters, the publisher of both products, there is no set criteria for whether reports are included in First Call and/or Investext. Thomson allows each contributing broker-analyst to determine from which service their reports are accessible.
  • Institutional Investor: For the latest rankings of the top investment bank research analysts for a particular industry click on "Research & Rankings" and then select ranking from the list (e.g. "All-American Research Team"). Entries include a summary of what the top analysts are saying about the industry they cover.
  • EMIS: Once in a country's page in the database, click "Industry" and then select "Industry Research" to see whether any investment bank analyst reports are available.


We also have several sources of analysis from a single firm: