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Where can I find information on bankruptcies?
Last Updated: Nov 21, 2014  |  301 Views

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    1. Click on Screening & Analysis.
    2. Expand Deals & League Tables and then expand M&A.
    3. Click on Advanced Search.
    4. On the Item Search tab, type bankruptcy as the Item Description and click Search.
    5. Double-click BNKRUPT Bankruptcy Flag (Y/N) to open menu.
    6. Select All Bankruptcies (default) and click Apply to Search.
    7. Add other desired search criteria and click Execute to complete the search.

  • In Capital IQ mouse over the Screening tab and then click on Companies. In section for Corporate Actions select "Bankruptcies."
  • Use LexisNexis. Click on "Sources." Search the word, bankruptcy. Select among numerous sources. Click on "continue" and perform your search.
  • Use HeinOnline. Search by keyword for articles, cases, government documents and legislative histories.
  • Bankruptcy filings may be found through Bloomberg. Type BNKF and then select the GO key.
  • UCLA - LoPucki Bankruptcy Research Database is a dataset, that is free to academics, consisting of 200 data fields on banruptices of large, public companies that were filed in the United States Bankruptcy Courts since October, 1979.

The Harvard Law School Library Bankruptcy Guide brings together resources for locating laws and information on bankruptcy issues. 

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